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Grades of Paper:

Within each grade there are other distinctions, based on brightness, opacity, and fiber content. For instance, there are matte, premium, and ultra gloss finishes to coated paper. In uncoated book, there is #1 Offset, #3 Offset, Opaque, and Lightweights. Text papers are distinguished by finishes like smooth/vellum, felt/embossed, laid, and linin.

BOND -- usually reserved for letterheads, business forms, and quick printing.
OFFSET OR UNCOATED BOOK -- probably the most common sheet for offset printing offering a smooth, uncoated texture.
COATED BOOK -- A glossy sheet that yields vivid colors and excellent image reproduction.
TEXT -- A high-quality sheet with a variety of textures. It gives soft, gentle colors and a look of class.
COVER -- used for book covers, postcards, business cards.




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