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Saddle Stitching - Signatures inserted into each other and stapled through the spine. Requirements: Lip on back of signature at least 1/4".

Side Stitching - Stapled through stack, parallel to spine.

Perfect Binding - Individual leaves are glued at the spine to form the book. Ask us for special preparation instructions.

Coil/Spiral Binding - An attractive binding style incorporating a spiral wire inserted through a series of punched holes along one edge of the document to make a booklet or flip chart. Easily incorporated are durable covers in both plastic, paper or cover stock. Requirements: Minimum trim of 1/8" on head, spine, foot, and front.

Comb Binding - Plastic comb binding inserted through holes punched in bindery edge of the document. Easily incorporated are covers for presentation materials. Similar, but less durable than Coil Binding.




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